About I


Get it? About I cause I The Crafter! Ha ha! You get it, right? Instead of "about me" cause— yeah okay, I’ll get to the point... 


Hi, I’m I The Crafter! Or rather, I am The Crafter :)

I’m an artist who makes tiny sculptures and films them for YouTube and TikTok

I first discovered polymer clay at the age of 12, and immediately became infatuated. Art was always something I loved growing up! By the time I found clay, I had tried all the classic visual art forms that every kid enjoys: drawing, painting, knitting. 

Yeah, knitting. My grandma began teaching me how to do that when I was 4. My mom says I insisted. Imagine being an 11 year old who thoroughly enjoyed knitting after finishing her homework…anyways, the way I felt about sculpting differed from my other hobbies. I dreamed of being an art YouTuber, and I would even film videos of my first sculptures. 

In 2017, I finally got enough courage to try. I downloaded Instagram, became I The Crafter, and started sharing my passion online. Now, ten years since I first picked up clay, I’ve managed to turn it into my career. 

In my humble opinion, polymer clay is extremely underrated. Even in the art world. Because of this, I had to learn everything I know about clay through trial, error, and practice. I now use this knowledge to help teach others how to sculpt through my online Skillshare classes. So yeah, you can add “teacher” to my list of many (literally only 3) accomplishments. 

If you’ve managed to get this far, I’m impressed. Thanks for caring enough to do that! Even by just being here and reading this, you’re helping me live out my little clay dream! So for that, I thank you <3



My little skeleton pal up there is Jaboi. Full name: Jaboi Bonito Codrick ii, but you can call him Jaboi or Codrick (pronounced Code Rick).

You’ll never see my face, but you can look at his as much as you'd like.