1. Can I request a custom order/custom art piece?

Yes, my commissions are open! You can request a custom piece here.

2. Can I order something that is sold out?

Unfortunately, once a product is sold out, I won’t make more on a made-to-order basis. However, some items may get restocked in future updates.

3. When are restocks?

Subscribe to the newsletter to receive information about upcoming product releases and restocks. I may also occasionally post restock/release dates on my TikTok. 

4. Can I reserve an item before it is released?

At the moment, no items can be reserved.

5. What metal are the earrings and keychains made out of?

All charms are made using stainless steel findings.

Dangly earrings are made with surgical stainless steel hooks (hypoallergenic).

6. Are polymer clay charms any different than regular jewelry?

Yes! These are hand-sculpted items and most of them must be treated gently. Learn how to care for your handmade pieces here.