How to Care for Handmade Charms

What are polymer clay charms?

All of the items sold on this site are created with polymer clay, a non-toxic dough that hardens when baked.

I The Crafter charms and jewelry are durable enough to be worn and used as keychains, but they can still get damaged if mishandled.

Dropping/damaging charms:

  • Charms and earrings are strong enough to handle accidental drops from a few feet, but please avoid doing so. Dropping charms, especially on hard surfaces, could result in damage to your jewelry.
  • Don’t place anything on top of your clay pieces as this may cause them to snap or break.
  • Keep away sharp objects as they can scratch the surface of the clay. 
  • In the description of some products, you may see the word “fragile.” These items should be treated extra gently.

Getting items wet:

  • Polymer clay itself is waterproof, but most of my pieces are also painted and glazed. For this reason, these charms are more water resistant than waterproof. I do not recommend submerging your handmade charms in water. They will hold up fine if you get caught in the rain, but do not have them on you while showering, swimming, etc. 
  • Charms that are not completely clay (such as the candy jars and the snack bag charms) should be kept away from water as much as possible. 

What should I do if my charms get dirty?

Dampen a q-tip/cotton ball or soft cloth with some water and carefully wipe the charm.

Where should I store my charms?

  • Clay jewelry should be kept in a clean and dry place. 
  • You can absolutely store your handmade charms with your regular jewelry (such as in a jewelry box, rack, stand, etc.)

Choking hazard:

These items are very small, and the largest of my pieces are about 1 inch in length. For this reason, please keep your charms away from young children and animals.